Friday, April 15, 2011 A Tool For Our Trade

Le Loup, an English Woodsman from site
I have been using Forums for everything from learning about and building computers to researching ancient history for decades now, and have always felt that the various "Bulletin Boards" and "User Groups" websites we have used as reenactors in the past are not only difficult to use, but leave much to be desired. This is why Facebook has become so popular among Living Historians, but it too is not exactly what we need.

I was about to contact a good friend of mine to create a forum especially for us when I stumbled upon this little used but very well built reenactor forum. I joined up and checked it out thoroughly, they have everything we need to communicate with each other and share events, blogs, websites, resources and meet new Folks who live and breathe history.

The reason Forums are more user friendly over "User Groups" and "Facebook", is that even if you post all your information you aren't getting your message out to the general public. Forums, on the other hand are searchable by web crawlers, meaning, if you post something interesting on the forum, it will appear in "Google" or other search type engines, whereas if you post to a User Group or Facebook, the information stays within the site and is only accessible by members of that particular site.

Not that I have anything against the well established user groups, bulletin boards and Facebook, I love them and check them regularly and will continue to do so.

Forums are a way to reach not only people who share the same interests but the public, (who are the bread and butter of our Events), and those who are curious about what it is that we do and want to become what we are. We all know we need new blood, and this is a way to create interest.

I suggest everyone visit this site, check it out, sign up and book mark this site and check back to it often as more of us sign up and begin to use this friendly resource if you are looking for an effective way to promote our way of life.

I see some of our friends are already there, "Smoke and Fire" as well as others. Click on the link below and check it out! I have added the link to our web page just above the calendar so you can easily jump to their site from our page when you visit us.

This site has been relatively unused, it's the perfect compliment to our lifestyle, I see that it gets many curious hits per day from the public, if we all get to posting and listing ourselves, I'm sure it would take off. I recommend the thread:,4.0.html as it has a Vendors section that is all but empty!

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