Saturday, July 30, 2011

Looking For Help....

We are currently looking for able bodied help for set up on Wednesday through Monday tear down at Kenosha, WI Pike River Rendezvous Aug 3-8.
Must have own lodge, transportation and be ready to work all days dawn to dusk. This could be an ongoing position for the right person. Email us at for details.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Dave Risdon Deer Buck Skin Tanner Extra Ordinaire

Hides drying on the line
When I first started going to reenactments and Rendesvous, I met fellow Newbie Dave Risdon, who had the unusual hobby of brain tanning deer hides in the traditional Native American way.

Now flash forward seven years and we are both still doing what we love best, researching and applying the teachings of the Native American way of doing things.

Dave demonstrates wet scraping

He has many talents including playing the violin, but his heart is in his work of tanning deer hides.

He just made me a second set of hides that I will be using to make the off the shoulder dress, and I have three hides of his from before I will be making into my brain tan strap dress.
showing the carefully sewn seam
He demonstrates hide preparation and curing at many events we attend and is often consulted by many folks who want to try it themselves.
setting up the hide tube for smoking

One of the myths he proves unfounded is that hides were hot, heavy and sweaty. By tanning hides in this manner, they become light, cool and washable. 

His hides are super soft and completely hand washable, the shirt and pants he wears is several years old and has been washed many times.
Keeping a careful eye on the process
I have always been well pleased with Dave's results and am glad that he found a place to teach his art in the reenactment world.
The finished result! Beautiful Hides!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Fort Folle Avoine, Danbury, WI, July 18 – 24, 2011

Doyle demonstrates proper puddle jumping
Mike and Susan Riverine Traders

Ed in Top Hat and Colleen in Blue

Once again, it's time to pack up and head up the river to Fort Folle Avoine Rendezvous!

No Doubt about it, this is Doyle's and my favorite Rendezvous! This where we met six years ago, and it just keeps getting better everyday!

This is the only Event where I get to see my Northern Minnesota friends who got me into Rendezvous to begin with, if not for Dan and Stoni, Ed and Collen, I never would have gone to rendezvous, and never would have met Doyle!
Sadly, this past year, Collen passed from among us, she had a brave battle with Cancer that finally took her this Spring.
Until the end, she was a brave soul who fought the odds and won, even making a special trip to Florida to surprise us two years ago.

She was one of my very best friends and always stuck by me no matter what, She and Ed would always call on my Birthday and leave me a singing Birthday message, something I never erased from my messages, and I listen to it often when I think of her.
Dan and Stoni
This location is one of the most beautiful we attend, the Yellow River through a Native Village and the upper field is a gently rolling wildflower field with huge white and jack pines dominating the skyline.

This camp has more camp kids than any other we attend, so many they have to have two candy cannons! It's such a "Feel Good" Event, and we look forward to going every year.

There is always time to chat with friends and just enjoy the peace and solitude of the camp.

Hope to see you there this year, be sure to drop by and see us!

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