Friday, April 15, 2011

Faire Wynd's Circus, The Scites' family

Faire Wynd's

This unique troupe specialises in family entertainments because they ARE a family! Dad, Mom, the Son, and the Daughter. Between them, they are a Prestidigitator, Musician, Ledgerdemain, Glass Harpist, Conjuror, Escompteur, Fakir, Gully-Gully, Escapist, Samnimbulist, Equilibrialist, Contortionist, Jongoulier and any OTHER word that sound like they are important!

Specialising in historical entertinments they have performed in 27 states and over 600 events in the past 14 years! They invite you to see more from their three styles of shows including their original 18th Century Faire Wynds Circus, the 19th Century Prof. Chalmers Bodkin-Childs Amazing Patent Medicine and Magic Show, their 20th century 1942 USO Show: The Magic of the Times, and their Renaissance Festival shows Arlequine's Nightmare, or Humanity At It's Best! and new: Ye Olde Medicine Show, or The Doctor Is Real In! And, for any occasion: Virginia's Vermin and Flea 
The Human Vesuvious!

The Scites family began in 1984 with the marriage of Eric Paul Scites to Susan (Danner) Scites. They added to the family in 1987 with the arrival of Corwin (Cory), and again in 1990 with the entrance of Virginia (Ginny).

Eric began Faire Wynds Historical Entertainments in 1994, adding Cory to the act in 1998, Susan in 1999, and Ginny in 2001. Today they perform at festivals, faires, schools, libraries, museums, cultural events, and art shows, as prestidigitators, legerdemain, conjorurs, mountebanks, jongouleurs, musicians, magicians, fakirs, contortionists, equilibrialists, and mentalists in over 23 states per year!

Their goal is two fold- to entertain modern audiences, and educate them about the past entertainers. Their shows consist of renaissance, 18th century, 19th century entertainment, as well as modern illusions and entertainments, both big and small.

If you wish to contact them by e-mail, phone or letter: or you can click on their link here:

Faire Wynds
147 Mulberry Avenue
Pomeroy, Ohio 45769



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