Monday, May 23, 2011

Cannon River Rendezvous May 24-30

Cannon River Rendezvous

When- May 24 – 30 2011
Where- Stanton Township - Near Cannon Falls (map)

Description-Presented by: Twin city Muzzle Loaders Club, Inc.

To all Buckskinners, Voyageurs, Longknives, Furtrappers, Long Hunters, Tale Tellers, Flat Landers, Kin Folk, and any other critter who has been known to depart from the truth a bit. On May 26st thru 30st, the Cannon River Rendezvous returns again! Git’ Ready! And if you are of stout and courageous spirit, you can be a part of it. Bundle your tent poles, brush off your buckskins, s...hake your bedroll clean, and prepare to stake your Teepee or Lean-to at the Whitson Family Farm.

Besides much trading and merrymaking, there will be many contests of skill, daring, involving rifle, knives, tomahawk, flint & steel, just to name a few. Prizes will be awarded to those who have excelled through talent or just plain fool luck! Plan now to attend the Saturday Night Feast! New menu options, 8 oz. Steak, or Quarter Chicken, new taters’ and Veggies, Dessert, all for a nominal fee. Limited meal tickets will be sold at check in. Avoid disappointment, and reserve your meal tickets with your mail-in registration.

All critters must be leashed, sociable, and cleaned up after! All exotic pets will be eaten!!! Period dress is a must! Prepare to whoop and holler, for a real Shinin’ time! Fun for all the family, and that is a fact!!! More camp sites, and walking trails have been added for Primitive, Modern, Short term, and Late comers.

Gate Schedule/setup hours: Check in at registration upon arrival. Tuesday and Wednesday, 8am-9pm Early setup, traders and club members only. Thursday and Friday 6-8 am,-- 3-9pm Setup, all campers. After set up hours, you may pack, or cart in only. Thursday and Friday 9am-3pm School Days programs.

Open to public. Period correct in Primitive Camp Saturday, 6-8 AM Last chance to setup in Primitive Camp Sunday, 6-8AM Last chance to setup in modern/latecomer camps. Registration closed.

Saturday and Sunday Open to public, 10am- 4pm Monday, 8am-3pm Open to public, Memorial Day Service at 9:30. Monday, after 3pm Tear down allowed. Early tear down only allowed in short term, or modern .

No vehicles allowed in Primitive camp between 8am Saturday, and 3pm Monday. Primitive campers are allowed 1 hour to unload. Please remove vehicles immediately after unloading, before setting up, to allow room for others to enter. No vehicles in camp over night. Clothing and all visible gear must be period correct in primitive camps as soon as possible after setting up. (beginning on Thursday).

See camper packet and notice board postings for additional details and full event schedules.

Rendezvous Activities: Contests of skills in: Shooting Competitions (Shooting shall be of a pre-1840 style gun, open sights and patched round ball)

When Great Minds Meet...
Hi Irene!
  • Joe Vnuk Memorial Smoothbore Shoot
  • Bruce Kunz Memorial Shoot
  • Horn Shoot
  • Hawk & Knife Competitions
  • Primitive Fishing Contest
  • Flint n’ Steel Contest
  • Archery Fire Starting Contest
  • Cast Iron Cooking Contest
  • Raffle for: Hand Made Quilt
  • Other activities and provisions include: Steak and Chicken Dinner Saturday Night
  • Memorial Service on Monday Morning
  • Kid’s Games
  • Candy Cannon
  • Paddle Dance
  • Sunday Night camp meeting
  • Ice Available
  • Water Provided
  • Firewood Provided
  • Primitive Archery Walk
  • Jam sessions and Old Tyme music by “Owen & The Better Than Nothing Band”
First lodge, 2 adults, children under 18 ($30.00) Additional adults ($5 each) Additional lodge (in registered camp, $10 each) Trader’s lodge ($20 additional) Steak dinner ($7.50) or Chicken ($6.50) Late registration fee, after May 1st, ($5.00) Pre-registrations are encouraged and must be postmarked by May 1, 2011, to avoid late fee
For more information, contact: Booshway, Bruce Bogie, 763-780-4722 or Segundo, Jim Strupp, 612-721-8039 or
Go to for trader’s and blanket trading guidelines.
Booshway, Bruce Bogie, 763-780-4722

I See You Kathy!

Little Foot

Camp Scene

Guess Who?

Bruce and Ray

Sunday, May 22, 2011

More Pics From Camp, Lost Falls 2011

Pat & Dana's Camp

Frontier Family

Sure, wait to take a picture when the plastics out!

Riverine Traders Mike & Susan

Mike amoungst the Furs...Beautiful Camp!

Great Camp!

Booshway's Quarters

Another Angle

And if you go away Hungry, it's Your Own Darn Fault! Blueberry Buckwheats

Friday, May 20, 2011

Pictures from Lost Falls Rendezvous

Right on the River

Our Neighbors

Swim at Your Own Risk

Connie, Our New Help

Us In The Kitchen

The Owner Ed

Hanging Around


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My Beautiful Elk Brain Tan Leather

Just Look at the Quality and Size of these Hides!

This is Loren of Circle S Leather showing off the beautiful Elk hides he brain tanned and smoked on both sides for me.

Loren and Liza Stallsmith Circle S Leather -

I could not be more pleased with the results!
Any one who tries to recreate pre-contact garments knows how precious it is to find someone who is making brain tan the old way.

I know several good brain tan tanners, but to my knowledge, Loren and Liza are the only quality Elk Brain Tanners in the country.

As you can see, they are thick, as large Elk hides are, but he has put the work into them to make them supple enough to make a flowing garment.

I should be receiving the hides in the next couple of weeks and will begin construction of this dress at Forts Folle Avoine, in Danbury, Wisconsin, July 18-24, 2011.

Join me in the kitchen as Doyle and I celebrate our Sixth Anniversary of our First Meeting by beginning work on this historic treasure.

(You are more than welcome to help me cut the acres and acres of fringe!)

This dress will be a recreation based on paintings of John Whites watercolors of a first contact Elk hide garment that I found a technically correct version of that had been gifted by tribal people to a good friend of mine in Florida, who graciously lent it to me for study.

Now for the hard part.....pre contact shells or first contact beads or just plain beautiful fringe! (I am basing the long fringe on the letters written at the period of John Whites paintings that comment on Native garments being so long of fringe, they dragged on the ground, and I will get that documented for posterity at a later time.....).
Man's One Arm Sleeve Ties to shoulder, covers back

Also there will be sleeves made for this garment based on an actual one armed sleeve in a museum made for this type of garment and possibly a head dress worn during the era made of shells researched by my Archeological Friend Sheila.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Lost Falls Rendezvous, Black River Falls, WI May 17-22

Lost Falls Rendezvous

May 17 – 22 2011
Where-Lost Falls Campround N2974 Sunnyvale Road Black River Falls, WI 54615 (map
Booshway's Camp

Description- Lost Falls Rendezvous Just a reminder that the Lost Falls Rendezvous is on schedule for May 19th. through the 22nd. This will be the second annual and anyone who was at last years event will surely not want to miss this years! See our calendar for contact information

This is a great Rustic Event right on the banks of the Black River. It's on it's second year now and promises to be one of the great primitive Events of the Spring.
Another angle

site on the River bank
Things look a little barren here as I took the pictures before anyone set up. We had a great group of dedicated demonstrators and it looks like it's going to stay that way, everyone teaching, all the time. Our kind of Event.

While no new traders are being accepted this year, demonstrators and campers are welcome to contact those in charge, (on our calendar), and come by to check us out!
Lots of river sites

Nice site overlooking the river

Another great site

Monday, May 9, 2011

Bloody Lake 2011 Snap Shots

Words fail me as I try to describe the wonderful experience we had at Bloody this year, so many good friends came to us and were so happy to see us back at what we love to do best, which is cooking and sharing our lives.

At one time our future was in doubt, we felt at our darkest hour that it was the support and prayers of our reenacting Sisters and Brothers that bore us up and filled our sails as we navigated stormy waters.
We had many fine folks volunteer to help setting up and also our neighbors kept a watchful eye on us during the Event to see if we needed assistance, you could literally feel the love and concern of those around us.

We are humbled by this outpouring of genuine concern and hope that in the future we may rise to help others as we have been borne aloft.
One of the truly touching moments was when Doyle was surprised by the Gang of Scouts who have lived off our back door for as long as he has been setting up at Bloody, they brought him an apron that has a tag on it the is reversible, one side says "Naughty" and the other "Nice".

You can imagine which side he chose to display.....
When you think of how easily we could have not been here this season, it makes one truly believe that no man is an island and that we can all help each other just by a good thought, prayer and a little action now and again.

We are the living proof of the love of our friends....
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