Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Elk Hides Are Coming! Brain Tan On The Way!

The biggest elk hide, not smoked yet
I just received an Email from Loren and Lisa of Circle S Leather, they are just about done finishing my brain tan Elk hides to make my recreated regalia based on John Whites watercolors of first contact and an Elk hide dress gifted by tribes people to a good friend of mine in Florida, who graciously lent it to me for study.

Mia's dress revealed the secrets of the over-the-shoulder garment, it's construction is simple, yet there are small nuances that make this garment drape properly.
This is the small, thinner-16.5 foot hide
Regalia I am Recreating

This is an exciting project, one I will be working on at Events we attend this Season, stop by and see how I'm doing!

I had hoped to have the hides by Bloody Rendezvous, but I am patient, all good things come to those who wait.
Watercolor drawing "Indian Man and Woman Eating" by John White (created 1585-1586).
Loren & Liza Stallsmith
Circle S Leather - http://Braintanner.com

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