Sunday, April 10, 2011

Kitchen Changes for 2011

I am very excited about this season, it brings many changes for myself as well as the kitchen.

First of all, Doyle is doing great and looking forward to getting back in the "groove", we have a few new Events this year to look forward to and we have a new Full time Employee named Connie, she worked for us a few times last year and is on board for the season, and maybe beyond! She is a Godsend!

As far as I go, I have some great projects I'll be working on when things are slow in the Kitchen, (HA!), I plan on creating a one shoulder leather dress from brain tan Elk, as well as recreating a leather strap dress from Deer brain tan.

The Elk dress is a go, I'm just waiting for the hides, the strap dress is on hold until I can get to the Chicago Field History Museum to examine the genuine article they have stored away there.

1820's Day Dress

1700-1800 stays
I am also changing my wardrobe, (It's about time, most of my stuff has seen better days!), I am studying "1820's Romantic".
I need to hand make a new set of stays for both projects as well as design the clothing from patterns...I can't wait to get my mannequin "Josette" out of storage!

The 1820's was marked by the dropping of the Regency empire waistline, (yet not quite to the natural waistline), and the addition of "Mutton" sleeves. 

They still had the soft, relatively un-boned corset of the Regency and before era. Also the skirts were heavily quilted and corded to get them to spread out.

I could use that comfort, and I also like the idea of wearing clothes that only lasted a short time history wise. No one seems to wear these garments today.

Should be a fun project!

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  1. am making the period impressions 1837 day dress - so far i love it (tho i had to design my own bertha as the one with the pattern was horrible to work with) are you going to use the truly victorian one? its awesome. i had a problem with its bertha also but its more work-withable. have fun with yours.


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