Monday, April 11, 2011

Doyle In a Dress, History Gone Wrong

Lost Falls 2010
Doyle always says "It takes a Real Man To Wear an Apron and Know He is Still A Real Man"

But this goes a little beyond that, one has to be extra confident to actually don a Woman's dress and lark about camp.

Here are several examples of Doyle being Doyle at various Events we have attended.

The worst part about the first picture to the right is Doyle cavorted around camp in my dress for the better part of an hour.....and no one noticed!

Even in civilian clothes, Doyle is always ready to add that extra special hat to set off the rest of his outfit.

Here we tries on a mop cap I was making..

At Home in Prairie 2008
Prairie du Chien Rendezvous 2009
Below we see Doyle trying on a very nice apron gifted to him as JR, (rest his dear heart), looks on baffled at the complexities of Doyle's multi-faceted personality.

Booshway Tom is making a quick escape behind him before Doyle gets the notion to dance.....
It's Red Birch Root Beer Folks..or is it?
When Doyle gives you THIS look, it's time to put the camera down and run.

Suffice it to say Doyle was having a bad day, so I being the supportive, loving woman I am, grabbed the camera and took some pictures!

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