Thursday, February 26, 2009

Southwestern Regional Rendezvous 2009

After having spent most of our Winter at Withlacoochie Park in Dade City Florida, we are now off to Texas for the Southwestern Regional Rendezvous this year being held at Nocona Texas March 14-22, 2009.
We look forward to serving breakfast to all our friends at this wonderful event Booshwayed by Jan "Lady Hawk" Kitlinger. The Southwestern offers $10,000 in Traders Bucks this year and is always a great time had by all.
Public Days are March 14, 15 & 21 9am-5pm.
For more info go to and click on the SWRR tab.
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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Welcome toTwo Eagles Kitchen Buzz!

We are currently in Florida, setting up for an event at Withlacoochie Park in Dade City. We winter here and love the folks at the park who sponsor several events a year. It's a lovely place of oaks, Spanish moss, and much wildlife.
Being within a few miles of Orlando and Disney World, we are a bit disappointed that the animals are not as helpful as Disney makes them out to be. We grew up with those wonderful cartoons of birds hanging laundry and cute squirrels and deer helping with chores. Not so in real life. Most are aloof to our needs and in fact the raccoons are more prone to cavorting through the kitchen at night, overturning containers and looting our larder.
On the upside, the owls serenade us at night, coyotes howl and cardinals brighten our day by perching on our counters and scolding us for invading their territory. The Withlacoochie river nearby has good fishing and the occasional gator. Deer and armadillos browse the many great hiking trails in the area, and we are amused often with the antics of the gopher turtles burrowing in the sand in the field around our camper.
We cooked for two events here, the annual Dade Rendezvous and a new event for us, the Flint Knappers gathering, Both of these events feature exceptionally talented people showing sharing their skills with the public and having a great time. We will be attending these events next year, so stay tuned for event dates next Winter.
We have set up this Blog to keep in touch with our friends, family and customers as we travel throughout the year cooking for historic events. We will try to keep you updated to our coming events as well as our personal activities.
For a more comprehensive list of our schedule visit our website at:
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