Sunday, March 22, 2009

Pruning the Vous Vine

Ok, I'm on my stump and I'm hoppin' up and down, gesturing wildly. We've got to get this Vous Vine thing under control. A little judicious pruning is in order, starting with an incident that just occured to yours truly.....
We got a frantic phone call and more than a few emails over the last week from event planners across the country, seems someone has contacted all of these busy, overworked folks and informed them that we won't be attending any of our events this year. This happened last year too.. so just for the record:
Only Doyle schedules and/or cancels events for the kitchen. If you are reading this, you have been to our website and have our email, most event planners have our phone us. We have every intention of attending every event we attended last year plus a few more.
One event in particular last year had camper cancellations because this helpful person told them we would not be there. People actually do depend on us for meals for their families. This person is not hurting just us, but everyone.
Advice to anyone who hears unfounded rumors: tell the person doing it to knock it off. Delete their emails and block thier phone number. No one needs this negative garbage.
One more very important point. We do not endorse nor recommend any person who may or may not have worked for us at any time, or claims to be a friend. When someone tries to get into an event using our name, call us immediatley and ask us. Hopefully while they are still standing in front of you. If they claim to have worked for us, why aren't they still with us? Would we toss out a good employee? NO! On the contrary, we need good people! We have had too many people we don't even know say they come with our blessings, and we don't even know them. Anyone who needs a recommendation is a bit suspect already, one should be able to stand on ones own merits and not banty about anyones name to be allowed to participate in an event.
A bit of general advice: If someone comes to you with second hand information, check it out before you believe it or pass that information on. When I say check it out, I mean with the persons involved, not just anyone in the general vacinity.
Lecture may now go on with your business....

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