Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sidelined at Prairie du Chien Rendezvous

Doyle Got Me Flowers! I must be in Pretty Bad Shape!

OK, I hurt myself driving 2 foot tent stakes at Prairie du Chien Rendezvous. I have driven stakes many times, and it used to be my Husbands job, but since his surgery last Fall I have taken over this duty to prevent him hurting himself. I hadn't had a problem up to this point, but Prairie has a lot of old pavement under the site, and I think I hurt myself trying to blast through and old sidewalk!

Normally we have been corralling the closest strong back we could find to do this nasty but necessary job, but this time we were on our own and I was feeling frisky so I drove them all myself and ended up pulling some muscles I wasn't aware I had until this moment.

On a scale of one to ten, this was an eleven, and forced me not only to bed, but prevented me from working in the kitchen all weekend. It wasn't easy missing one of my favorite Events, I couldn't even get over to visit, it's Sunday and I am just now able to sit up and walk a bit.
Thank goodness also for Pat's Lund's Corsettes, I strapped one on the first day I could get out of bed, and it's stabilized my back better than most medical back braces!
I would like to thank everyone who stopped by the kitchen to wish me well and maybe pitched in to help Doyle during one of our busiest Events of the year! Connie came through like a Champ, taking over my duties and keeping an eye on Doyle to keep him from working too hard. we had a nice couple of young Ladies who also came by and helped Doyle out, I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for being there for us!

The hardest part of hurting myself was not being able to visit with everyone we normally only see once a year at this Event. I thought about going over today and just hanging around the kitchen, but I puttered around the house yesterday and I woke up stiff and sore again today, I also think it would be impossible for me to just sit and watch, I would eventually get up and try to do something, which would only set me back and get my butt whooped by Connie and Doyle.

Now we will be down for a few weeks until Folle Avoine, I am really looking forward to getting there and working on my dress in the kitchen. I better be better by then, even if I have to resort to...DOCTORS..but I hope rest and a little Yoga will take care of it!

Thank you all again for supporting our kitchen and helping Doyle out, we appreciate each and every one of you good Folks out on the road with us, and may God watch over your travels until we meet again!

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